Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jones Caramel Apple Soda - Target - Riverside, NJ

Jones Caramel Apple Soda  - Target - Riverside, NJ
Sorry for the short hiatus. That crisis I mentioned before reappeared, so I had to take a moment to handle it. (Sorry to be cryptic, but this is a foodie blog, not a diary. I'm not gonna bore you with that kinda stuff.)  I'll be making another post later today to make up for my few days off!

With Halloween upon us, I am shifting gears and reviewing all kinds of Halloween goodies. To kick things off, here is some seasonal Jones soda.

When I was in high school, Jones was my go-to soda. I absolutely loved it's artistic packaging and unique flavors. (Flavors like Thanksgiving dinner!) Back then, I could buy it at various restaurants, grocery, and convenience stores. Now, it's kind of difficult to come by. (What happened?) Restaurants like Panera stopped carrying it, grocery shelves were empty, and the amazing flavors fizzled out. Has Jones abandoned the east coast? (Or just New Jersey?) Let me know if you guys have it in your area.

For a while now, Jones has been releasing a few limited edition, seasonal, products at target stores. This Halloween I picked up two of the four flavors: Caramel Apple and Candy Corn.

As you can see in the photos, these cans are tiny. Each one contains 8 ounces and you only get four cans per pack. (Pretty skimpy.) I'm not sure what the idea behind these was. Trick-or-treat handouts? Just a small run of a holiday product for the pure novelty of it? Either way, I like the smaller size, I just feel like this should at least be a 6 can pack.
Jones soda usually features photographs submitted by fans, but this time the seasonal art is illustration-based. (Like it has been the last few years.) Each flavor features a classic horror movie monster. The caramel apple can features a rotting zombie, which actually reminds me of the art from Superjail. It is very stylized, similar to vector art, and boldly colored. I like the concept, but I feel like the colors are a little off. This specific can, when compared to the rest of the line, feels a bit unfinished.

I opened my itty bitty can and I could smell rich apple cider with syrupy sweet caramel. The aroma is pretty shockingly authentic, although much sweeter than any caramel apple I have ever had. When poured, this looks more like a cider than a soda. (It also kind of looks like a light cola.)

I took a sip, and this is some seriously sweet stuff. If you took Caramel Apple Pops and dissolved them into sparkling apple cider...it'd be this. (Maybe add a few splashes of Coke, after all Coke has caramel flavoring and color.) There is no way you could mistake this flavor for anything else. This is caramel apple.

After drinking just half of a mini can, I decided that these tiny portions are the way to go. This stuff is so sweet, I could never see myself going through a full-sized bottle/can. If you love caramel apple, you should definitely give this a try. (I could see this being a great ingredient for seasonal baking, mixed drinks, and punches.)
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