Friday, October 25, 2013

Mini Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups - Walmart

Mini Strawberry Fruit Roll-Ups - Walmart
These are the same as another strawberry Fruit Roll-Up, just Halloween themed and miniaturized. So, instead of a review, this post is more like a Halloween shopping tip. 
For the last three years my sister and I have been buying these Halloween boxes of mini Fruit Roll-Ups. (We also buy the boxes of tropical mini Fruit by the Foot.) We are both in our 20's, but we have had these mini snacks out at college parties and they are an absolute hit. (No matter what season it is. no one cares they are Halloween themed.)
Growing up, I loved these snacks and they were a very rare treat. (You were always the most popular kid in the lunchroom if you had one of these or a Fruit by the Foot.) As an adult, I can buy them for myself, but they are pretty expensive for just a few fruity treats. (No wonder my mom didn't buy them.) When compared to the normal fruit roll up boxes, this is a lot more bang for your buck.
Positives about the mini size:
  • the portion size is a lot more manageable than their full sized counterparts (40 calories each).
  • You get a lot more candy than a traditional box of full sized Roll-Ups
  • These go on sale for at least 50% off after Halloween. (Or sometimes ON Halloween.)
TIP: Wait for all of the Halloween candy to go on sale/clearance and buy these boxes at half price. I have done that for the last two years and these things are a steal for the price. (I jumped the gun this year so I could photograph it before the season was out and to give you all a heads up.)
I hope you guys enjoyed this little Halloween candy tip!
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