Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Monster Pooper - ???

Monster Pooper
- ???
This little guy was a birthday gift from one of my oldest friends, B. It's a little wind-up monster that poops candy! ('Poop' is a trigger word for B. It ALWAYS makes him laugh.)
Although this is more of a toy than a candy, I'm going to review it anyway!
The design is pretty gaudy, but this is a pooping monster toy. What do you expect?
Looking at the brand itself, Treat Street,  mimics Sesame Street's aesthetics for the packaging, logo, and little monster. Although Sesame Street does it better, this isn't a bad branding. (It's kind of like a college kid's packaging project.)

The packaging is fairly sparse, so I was a little surprised that a clear poop-tray was included. The candies are perfectly round little pellets, so the tray prevents your "poop" from rolling away while your monster is walking. I am actually shocked that a novelty product thought things through. (Good job Treat Street.) Although I appreciated the tray, I totally didn't use it. My photo set up kept the candies in check and scattered candy made for much better photos.
The candy inside is very similar to Spree. I grabbed a few different flavors to try:
  • orange = orange
  • green = lime (Not 100% sure) 
  • blue = blue raspberry
  • red = cherry
  • yellow = pineapple (I was quite surprised!)
Although all of the candies tasted artificial, the yellow/pineapple was by far the best. Although this little guy is a novelty, he is pretty darn fun. I'm not sure how much he was, but I'd say it was worth it. 
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