Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Candy Blood Bag - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ

Candy Blood Bag 
- Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ
I haven't been this excited for a photoset in a LONG time. This little bag of 'blood' was only a dollar and I got some AMAZING photographs! (I know I got a little carried away with the photos, but it was a LOT of fun.)

I was walking through the local dollar store, trying to find a cheap fake pumpkin to decorate, and I found this. As odd as it sounds, I am pretty familiar with fake blood drinks and candies. Jared, one of my closest friends, is the lead singer of The Zombie Mafia, and the band uses medical props in their shows. Drinking fake blood packets from an IV on stage has become a fun gimmick, but it gets expensive. Unlike the ones TZM typically buys online, this was only $1.00!

When compared to it's pricier counterpart, this packaging looks really cheap. That thin cardboard fold-over is really poorly designed, and the graphics on the blood bag are very basic. To be fair, that is only when you compare it to the well designed, pricier, energy drink version. If you are judging this candy on it's own, the clear vinyl-feeling bag actually feels pretty decent, and when you remove the packaging and turn the bag so that the printed side is facing away from you, there is really no difference. On stage, I think that this packet would work just as well. (After all there is a little bit of distance from the stage to the crowd. It isn't as if they are going to be reading all the fine print.)

Let's drink some blood! I took a pair of kitchen scissors and snipped off the closed end of the tubing. The candy syrup was under a bit of pressure, so it splattered onto my photo setup. This was both cool and annoying. I loved how it looked, so I took a photo, but the red dye stained my backdrop. (Boo stained backgrounds.) So you should be very careful when opening these packages, unless you don't mind stains. I started by pouring some syrup onto a little plate.

Although I think this is more visually appealing than tasty, it isn't half bad. The candy has a very sweet, slightly sour, cherry flavoring that reminds me of Jolly Ranchers.It is very yummy, but extremely sweet and syrupy. If I were younger I might try to chug the whole packet in a day, but now that I am older I can't handle this intense sweetness. A little taste here and there is enough, so I'll be nursing this packet for a while.

For a dollar store product, this was really impressive. The packaging isn't too bad, the flavoring is decent, and this is an amazing photo prop. Plus it's only $1.00! If you are having a Halloween party, go check your local Dollar Tree for some of these amazing sweets. I am sure your guests will love them and it'll make for some awesome photos!
Look at that awesome drip and the viscosity of this candy. So cool!

I was really tempted to write Red-Yum but I thought that was too silly.
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