Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gummy Bat - Target - Riverside, NJ

Gummy Bat 
- Target - Riverside, NJ

I still have a decent pile of Halloween candy to go through and this is my last week to do Halloween reviews, so I am going to try and post another review later today.
Being a gummy fiend, I had to buy this giant gummy bat. There were two flavor combinations available:
  1. Orange and Grape
  2. Blue Raspberry and Cherry

Usually I love orange and grape flavored gummies, but the combination of the two seemed a little off putting, so I opted for the cherry and blue raspberry bat.

The packaging for this large bat is a bit different from giant gummies I have reviewed in the past. Before, my giant gummy candy came in a hard plastic shell with a bit of plastic wrap. (Which didn't keep the gummy together or prevent it from getting a little stale.) This bat is inside a clear plastic clam-shell, inside a protective cardboard box. There is quite a bit of disposable packaging, and in my area only the cardboard can be recycled, so it is a bit wasteful, but it did keep the gummy very fresh.

Being a novelty product, the package design was very basic and boring. So I am gonna skip that and discuss the actual product itself.

Although this bat is fairly detailed, to me this doesn't look very bat-like. Look at that face! It's kind of like a plastic Halloween bat and a dragon had a gummy baby. Still, the mold is very impressive. The wings, feet, and face ave a lot of detailing. (There is a little belly-button on the bat, but I think that is from the mold injection site. Bat's don't have belly they?)

I peeled back the clear bat-shaped plastic and I could instantly smell the fruity goodness. This smelled like a lot of the classic candy scents. I could smell apple (classic filler fruit), artificial cherry, and blue raspberry. 

So far my novelty candy haul from Target has been visually stunning, but disappointing flavor-wise. This has officially broken my streak. This gummy is leaps and bounds better than my giant gummy bear. Texturally this has a soft, bouncy chew that is a little bit like a stiff fruit pastille.
Together the gummy has a delicious fruit punch flavor with strong cherry notes, but I tried a little bit of each color/flavor on it's own.
  • Blue Raspberry: Is a lot like a blue freezer popsicle mixed with a hint of raspberry jam. 
  • Cherry: Sweet, a bit artificial, and tart. It is similar to the candy blood I reviewed, but the texture gives it more of a fruit-snack-like flavoring.
Overall I was really impressed with this candy and it was definitely worth the money. I might go buy another one if they are on clearance tomorrow. (It was that yummy.)
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