Friday, November 1, 2013

Candy Corn Cotton Candy - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ

Candy Corn Cotton Candy  - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ
I hope you all had an awesome Halloween!
This is going to be a quickie review. I still have some Halloween treats to finish out the week, so pumpkin posts will resume on Monday.
Here's another seasonal Dollar Tree find.

It seems like this Fun Sweets brand has been releasing tons of seasonal cotton candy tubs. (Check out my banana Easter cotton candy tub review HERE.) I have reviewed a few of them so far, and up until now the flavors have been fairly generic but satisfying. This is the first time I am seeing a flavor that is supposed to mimic another candy, so I'm excited to see how it turned out.

The tub is very easy to open, and I really like the design for this one. The color combination of yellow, orange, and purple is very appealing to me. It is a lot less off putting than the Easter tub with that weird looking alien-chick face. As always, I love these little containers. I've said it before but I teach art, and these little tubs are fantastic for holding art supplies. (Plus the seasonal prints are a great way to separate and organize seasonal stickers or crafts.)

As for the cotton candy, it actually does smell like candy corn! Overall it smells like spun sugar, but there is a decent amount of honey in there that mimics (good) candy corn.
The candy inside is a swirl of peachy orange and light yellow, and it tastes a bit like candy corn too! The light and fluffy texture keeps it from being too cloyingly sweet, like actual candy corn, but those honey notes are definitely present. There might be a hint of vanilla in there too.

This is actually one of the better seasonal cotton candy tubs I have had, and it's very nicely designed (especially for a dollar store product). I might even buy this one again next year!
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