Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Power of VOO-DEW (Who Dew?) You Dew!

Mountain Dew Voo-Dew  - 7-Eleven
Move over Japan, America has it's own spooky mystery soda! What am I talking about? Well a few years ago Pepsi released spooky Halloween-themed mystery flavored cola in Japan. And I bought some on eBay and made a YouTube video about it because I love Halloween and I had a lot more free time back then. (I miss those days.) Check out the video below: 
As you can see, the Pepsi bottles had really cute labels (really really cute) but the flavor was subtle and a bit of a let-down. But, if all of Mountain Dew's other limited edition and seasonal flavors are any indication, this time things will be different.
I've been skipping over packaging lately, but THIS is something worth writing about. Look at this label! I love that they went for bright colors and this Creepshow-esque illustration. It's vibrant, simple, and spooky with just the right amount of kitsch. Looking at it makes me happy and makes me excited for Halloween, which isn't a feeling I've been getting when looking at other fall candy/food offerings this year. This is Plain and simple. I love it and if it were a shirt, I'd wear it.
The clear bottle showcases the ghoulish liquid inside with is white, translucent (NOT transparent), and milky. It looks like watered down Calpis, which makes me a little nervous (I'm not a fan), but it gets an 'A' for spooky effort since it certainly looks on-brand for a mystery flavor.  
Once opened, the liquid inside smells sweet, tangy, and oddly creamy. I know a lot of my fellow foodies have said this concoction smells and tastes like original Skittles, and I can totally see why because it's definitely in that ballpark, but I think I've found something even more accurate. Yakult yogurt bottles. You know, those tiny little drinks with a foil lid you can buy at H-mart. That is what this smells like, and if it tastes anything like it smells, I'm in for a real treat! 
Oh wow, this tastes like a cotton-candy-like cream soda flavored base, with hints of yogurt-y tang, and a generic fruitiness that lies somewhere between an orange Creamsicle and strawberry Skittles. Pretty darn close to Yakult, but sweeter. Much sweeter. This stuff is teetering on hummingbird-nectar, but that's pretty much Mountain Dew's MO. Drinking this makes me feel more dehydrated than I did before I started drinking it, which is not something you want in a beverage, but as a confection, this is really interesting.
This is unlike anything Mountain Dew has released before. I found myself gently nursing this bottle and following it up with a water chaser because I felt so dehydrated, but whatever flavor this stuff is, it's addicting. I can't stop sipping it. 
I like this stuff and it delivered a fun mystery flavor just as promised. What more could I ask for? 
Well, smaller bottles would be nice. Giving these a smaller size with more of a Trick-or-Treat like element would take this item to the next level. Kind of like those Jones mini Halloween sodas they used to release at Target each year. (I miss those.)  If this was available in mini-cans, the smaller portion would turn this more into a candy-like sweet than a beverage, and that is where it would truly shine. 
So, is this a great drink? Not really. It's going to leave your throat feeling like a desert, but as a candy, it's fun, spooky, and sweet. So if you go into this just wanting to have a good time, you'll totally get your money's worth.  

UPDATE: MTN DEW officially stated that this was meant to taste like Candy Corn, and while I can kind of see that (or I guess, "taste" that), I don't think it's all that accurate. Candy corn haters would still probably enjoy this soda.  

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  1. I noticed that Jones haven't been releasing holiday sodas lately. Seemed that they have grinded to a stop with weird flavors.