Saturday, November 2, 2013

Jones Candy Corn Soda - Target - Riverside, NJ

Jones Candy Corn Soda 
- Target - Riverside, NJ
Another Halloween themed Jones soda.

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I already covered a lot of the design points in my last review, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet. (Just like the soda can.)

This flavor features a very stylized wolfman/werewolf, and I have to say the chunky, vectored, art style is growing on me. I like this werewolf design even more than the zombie one and I think the colors work very nicely together.

The last flavor, caramel apple, smelled a lot like it's namesake. (It was a bit artificial, but that was to be expected.) When I opened this candy corn can I noticed that it smelled a lot like Jones' cream soda, but to be fair, candy corn is a hard aroma to nail down.

When poured, the soda has this vibrant orange color that can trick you into thinking this is citrus flavored, but it definitely isn't. All you need is one sip and you can instantly tell that this is candy corn or at the very least vanilla cream. When the soda first hits your tongue you get that sugary, honeyed, flavor that all candy corn seems to have, but the candy corn flavoring is short lived. After a few seconds the soda flavoring fades into a nice vanilla cream, which makes the candy corn flavoring even more palatable in my opinion. 

Like the last flavor, this might make a nice mix-in for drinks or additive to seasonal recipes, but it is very sweet as a soda. (Maybe I would buy this again for a Halloween party, but not for myself.)
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