Sunday, November 3, 2013

Candy Vampire Juice - Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ

Candy Vampire Juice 
- Dollar Tree - Cinnaminson, NJ
When I was at the dollar store, freaking out over how awesome THIS candy blood was, I found another flavor that was released by the same company. I absolutely loved the candy blood, so how will Vampire Juice compare?

First of all, the name alone is a HUGE missed opportunity. "Vampire Juice?" Really? It's green candy liquid in a medical, IV-style, bag. It could have been a virus, or zombie blood, or an antidote for an outbreak...there were tons of options out there, and they went with Vampire Juice. Go figure. The pouch is the same as the blood version, so the only unique design feature I have to critique is the name, and they failed big time. (Vampires drink blood anyway. This makes absolutely no sense!)
I grabbed my kitchen scissors and snipped off the tip before removing the plastic clip this time. By saving the clip for last I prevented my photo setup from being sprayed with green goo. (Similar to the blood spatter that occurred in my last review.)  Other than that little switch up, I followed the same procedure as the last flavor. I poured some onto a plate and took a closer look.

Right away it seems like this flavor is a little thinner and it contains a LOT less dye. It poured out very quickly and nothing was stained. I had guessed that this was sour apple flavored, and I might have been right. The liquid smells like a mixture of apple juice and green apple Jolly Ranchers. It smells more sweet than sour, but we shall see...

Wow. This isn't sour at all. (Boo.) It actually tastes a LOT like apple juice concentrate. It isn't bad, but it is less visually appealing than the blood version, and I prefer the slightly more tart cherry flavoring to this sweet apple one.

I feel like the candy had a lot more potential, but it was still a decent buy for a dollar. I got some awesome photos and now I can try and find some uses for this green goo. (Maybe I can use it to decorate the rims of toxic themed mixed drinks?) I don't regret buying this flavor, but next year I will definitely stick to buying the "blood variety. 
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