Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tastes Like Freedom - Mountain Dew Liberty Brew (50 Flavors in one)

Mountain Dew Liberty Brew - Wawa
First off, let me applaud Mountain Dew for creating the blue toilet-bowl-cleaner soda color of my 90's-kid dreams. Visually I am having flashbacks to Pepsi Blue and I am 100% here for it, but as I got closer I realized that it smells like a bomb pop. So American, it's amazing! If there are 50 different flavors here, which I kind of doubt, they all must be fruit-based. Actually, aren't all Mountain Dew flavors fruit based? They don't have a cola flavor, so maybe this is the mixed-fruit-smoothie of all their fruity flavorings mixed into one? (With added blue dye because I am sure the true color of a dew-strocity would be nightmareish to say the least.) 
Time to see if I can taste the Dew-infused rainbow! 
To me, this tastes like Wild Berries Gummi Lifesavers. Not just one particular flavor in the mix, but all of the flavors in the bag combined. It's syrupy sweet and fruity, and I imagine it would taste amazing as a Slurpee or Icee, but as a beverage it's a little too sweet and cloying to be refreshing. Normal soda drinkers might not dig the bright artificial coloring and sugary sweet flavoring, but this flavor fits rather nicely in with the Dew family, and I honestly think it would be a huge hit with children. Now, SHOULD children drink it? Probably not, with Dew's caffeinated reputation, but if it were offered in Icee form at Taco Bell this summer, I'm sure we'd all be on board. 
My fiance is a Mountain Dew fiend, so I gave him a taste and he wasn't as impressed as I thought he'd be. I think this blue version is missing the citrus-y tang he craves, but even with him voicing a distaste for it, he finished the entire glass I gave him, so I am taking his negative review with a grain of salt.   
Liberty Brew Mountain Dew is a fun, sugary, novelty drink that is worthy of trying at least once. I might buy a few more for fun summer cocktails, or to freeze into popsicles or slush, because I am pretty sure recreating this color and flavoring is near impossible with the dew flavors currently on the market and as sugary and un-refreshing as it may be, it certainly doesn't taste bad. 
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