Saturday, June 22, 2019

Oh, Fudge! It's Back! - Milky Way Fudge

Milky Way Fudge - CVS
Milky Way Fudge is back!
I live in a Snickers household, (I'm outnumbered, 2-to-1), so I don't buy Milky Way very often, but in my eyes, they are the superior candy bar. I'm just not a fan of peanuts in my candy. Peanut butter? Sure. Actual peanuts? It's like trail mix masquerading as candy. No thanks. 
That being said, a new flavor is a great excuse to grab some MilkyWays, and I was really excited that this flavor in particular. Milky Way Fudge had a limited run in 2018, but I missed out on it. But now it's back! (New candy is the best candy consumption excuse!)
Also, I found these at CVS when I was buying a bag of stress-Cheetos after a long, and rainy, work-week, and who doesn't want a bit of chocolate when they're in full melt-down mode? Let's see if this new flavor can usurp Midnight as my number one!
The packaging isn't all that special, but it does have this weird note that you can twist to close it? I guess they're really pushing portion control by trying to encourage you to only eat one bar per sitting? (There are two in the package.) I gave the whole twist-thing a try and it didn't seem to do anything a normal candy wrapper couldn't. Am I missing something? Also, I'm all for being healthy and making good choices, but my stress-Cheetos also had a portion control message on the back boldly saying to enjoy only 21 crunchy Cheetos per snacking session. Normally, happy and health-conscious me would be impressed that they are ramping up their message of snacking responsibly. But, it's been a long week. Stressed out Cheeto-craving-me says Chester Cheetah can suck it.   
It was love at first bite. You get the milk chocolate and caramel from the classic MilkyWay bar mixed with a fluffy chocolate-flavored nougat. I think the name, "fudge" is overselling it, this certainly isn't fudge, but it's still delicious. You know when you're nearly finished your cup of instant hot cocoa and you can see that it's mixed with a tiny bit of the powder solution that just didn't dissolve, so it ends up tasting slightly bitter and extra chocolaty? It tastes like that. With extra chocolate, and a hint of caramel. 
If you're buying this looking for snooty high-quality chocolate, you've come to the wrong place. This is delicious, fluffy, garbage candy and I absolutely love it. 
Sadly, these are only available for a limited time through the end of 2019. I'll be grabbing a few more to my candy hoard, but hopefully this limited run isn't the last time we'll see this fudgy candy bar. I think it's the perfect post-meltdown treat and I'll be sad when it's gone. It not quite as good as Midnight, but I'd say it's tied with the original for my number-2 spot. 
P.S. My old go-to stressed-out-melt-down junk food was the Doritos Collision in Pizza and Cool Ranch. They've since been discontinued (I miss them SO much). In their absence, crunchy Cheetos and Fritos Flavor Twists have become my back-up. What's your favorite stress-food? 
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