Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Code Blue!

Blueberry Gobbler Big Gay Ice Cream - Wawa
My first foray into Big Gay Ice Cream didn't quite live up to my expectations, but this flavor? You had me at blueberry balsamic swirls! 
I already covered the packaging in my past post so let's skip the pleasantries and get right into the review! 
As soon as you open the pint, you can see that the surface is littered with blueberries, pie crust pieces, and a generous amount of the aforementioned blueberry balsamic swirl. I mean, this is just meant to be a vanilla ice cream with mix-ins, but it almost looks like it's marbled with actual blueberry flavored ice cream. (But it isn't.) 
I grabbed a spoonful trying my best to get a bit of everything so I could experience the full impact and...Oh my god, it's SO good.
The vanilla base is well done, but indistinguishable from other premium vanilla ice creams I've had in the past, and the pie crust mix-ins add some crumbly texture as well as a rich buttery flavoring, but that's also something I've experienced in other pints. Both aspects are delicious and well done, but not unique. What really sets this apart is the blueberry balsamic swirl. 
With the "swirl" (which is so prevalent I hesitate to call it a "swirl," it's practically half the pint), you get the deep, fruity, blueberry pie filling flavor mixed with a light, tangy, vinaigrette. The vinegar flavoring is subtle, so those of you worried this might taste like a salad can rest easy, but it's prominent enough to cut through all the sweetness of the ice cream base, while at the same time, amplifying the overall sweetness and decadence. It's kind of like how bakers recommend adding instant coffee to chocolate recipes because the coffee will intensify the chocolate. 
I think this stuff tastes like the delicious blueberry cobbler a la mode of my dreams, and I can't remember the last time I was so bowled over by an ice cream pint. Blueberry lovers, this one is a must. 
I'm curious, are there other balsamic-infused ice creams out there? If you know of any, leave me a comment down below so I can check them out! 
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