Thursday, June 27, 2019

Hey, Remember These...?

Carrot Cake Oreos  - CVS
You know how I have a tenancy to buy things and post the reviews long after the item has left shelves and lost it's relevance? Yeah, me neither.
Anyway, are those Carrot Cake Oreos!
My original plan was to post this on Easter, but that obviously didn't happen. (Whoops.) Normally I'd just skip it and keep on trucking with all the other backlogged food I have to post about, but these turned out to be pretty interesting, so even though Easter has come and gone, I wanted to share my two cents about this limited edition flavor. 
I found these at CVS of all places, which isn't one of my normal foodie-haunts, but this one just so happens to carry the most random limited edition flavors. Seriously, if all your other foodie locations fail you, give CVS a try. It's a wild card
The packaging is the smaller peel-up style we've been seeing a lot of in recent years, but this flavor breaks the mold in the fact that we have a vanilla based cookie in a blue package. Every once in a while Oreo will do that, but for the most part they like to pair chocolate cookies with blue bags and vanilla with yellow.
Inside, the cookies look similar to the graham cookies from the s'more version, but with a slightly more orange-tint and they smell like graham crackers and canned cream cheese frosting. The aroma doesn't immediately make me think of carrot cake, but it's in the ballpark.  
As always, we're going in creme first before trying the cookie as a whole. 
The filling is slightly orange-colored as well, and it tastes like grocery store pre-made cream cheese cake frosting. Like the kind you would find on an Entenmann's. It's flavoring lingers, but after a while I felt a sharp tanginess towards the back of my tongue that was just...odd. It borders on unpleasant, but it's not enough to scare me away from the cookie.    
The cookie portion is similar to the graham style cookie used before, but it tastes..healthier. It's almost like this particular cookie is oat-based, and there is a good amount of spices in there that you would find in a normal carrot cake, like nutmeg and cinnamon. There's something about the cookie I really enjoy. It's like, a spiced animal cracker, but the frosting is a little much for me. 
When combined, the carrot cake effect is far more accurate than I expected. The two components combine and give you an Entenmann's-style carrot cake experience that is pretty authentic, but is it really good carrot cake? No. This tastes like quick junk-food carrot cake, which is good enough, but not as good as my beloved homemade version. Also, I may be in the minority here, but I prefer my carrot cake with raisins. There are no raisins here, and I think that is a missed opportunity that really would have pushed this carrot cake cookie over the top. But, I know I am in the raisin-loving minority here, 
As far as a limited Oreo run is concerned, this is oddly realistic and I think it lives up to it's namesake as well as it possibly could. Also, unlike a lot of other Oreos, this flavor is best enjoyed as a whole cookie, creme and all. That was you get the truest carrot cake experience and you avoid that weird tangy creme aftertaste that I only experienced when eating the creme filling solo.  
So, if these come back next year, I might even grab a second package. (Which isn't something I can say about a LOT of other flavors.) 
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