Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Serious Beans-ness - Buckin' Buffalo Beans

Serious Bean Co Buckin'  Buffalo Beans - Walmart
Just a quickie review for today. Like last time, I forgot to take an open can bean picture, but I don't think any of you are missing out. Just imagine normal baked beans, but redder.
So, will these beans kick your next BBQ up a notch? 
First impressions? Oddly thick. I opened the can, turned it over the pot on my stove and...nothing. Gave it a few shakes, still nothing. I looked inside and all the beans and buffalo-based sauce were stuck in a semi-solid cylindrical brick. I had to grab a spoon and, being frugal and hating to waste even a single bean, I grabbed a mini rubber scrapper to get the rest. I have never in my life seen canned beans this thick, and I have no idea if that is a good or a bad thing. 
After everything got a chance to heat up on the stove the sauce loosened a bit and the mixture started to look more like usual, except significantly more red and a little on the dry side. The kitchen started to smell like hot sauce (which I consider to be a good thing.) 
Once cooked, the sauce was still noticeably thicker than your typical baked bean fare but they looked pretty normal. Just red. I took a bite, and it lived up to my expectations as far as the buffalo flavoring was concerned, but due to the thickness of the sauce I found the beans themselves to be oddly dry. The taste is exactly what you'd expect. These are baked beans that are cooked in bright red buffalo sauce, it's a medium heat level with a slight vinegary tang towards the end. I liked these, but not as much as I thought I would due to how dry they were. Since they were really dry right out of the can, I don't know what I could have done in the heating-up process to fix that.  
Serious Bean Co has really fun branding, and seemingly great ideas, but the execution is lacking. After trying both these, and the Dr. Pepper beans I can honestly say I'm disappointed in them as a brand, BUT I see a silver lining here. If I were to take a can of these and a can of the Dr. Pepper beans and mix them together, I think they'd be amazing.   
Our local pizza shop offers sweet and sassy wings, which I think are a combination of buffalo sauce and honey but I'm not entirely sure. With the Dr. Pepper beans being too sweet and syrupy and these beans being too dry, I think combining the two would create a delicious sweet n' sassy baked bean that would pair nicely with all kinds of grilled food. The only downside? Combining both cans is a lot of baked beans. Too much for my household since I'm pretty much the only one who eats them. Maybe I'll give that a shot at our next BBQ and let you know if the results are as good as I expect. 
For now, I'd say these buffalo beans are about C- worthy as-is, and wouldn't recommend them unless you like your buffalo wings and beans extremely dry.   
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  1. Sometimes when i open a can and it think like that I just add a little water to the can after i get the majority out and give it a little swirl then added it to the rest in the pan. The water will loosen the thickness plus swirling it in the can makes sure you get all the goodness out of the can.