Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Let Me Let You Down, 'Cause I'm Review'n Strawberry Buns

Grands Strawberry & Cream Cinnamon Rolls
These strawberry & cream cinnamon rolls have been released a few times over the years, but I never managed to get my hands on them, until now!
Graphically, the packaging is really sweet. The backdrop is a picnic-worthy pale pink gingham with scattered strawberries and pink icing-goo. The colors are perfect for spring or Easter, but I found this in July...so I'm not sure if this is just older stock, or if this is a summer release? (I'm pretty sure it's older stock, since I think other foodies found these closer to Easter and my area tends to be a bit behind the curve.)  
The cinnamon bun pictured on the package seems to have a reddish hue to it, and the icing looks like a normal white, but I think it's supposed to be the other way around. From what I understand, these are normal cinnamon buns with pink strawberry flavored icing.
I popped the can open and lined the buns up on a baking tray. I swear, the filling in these buns looks more red to me, but from what I can tell...they're 100% normal. Was food dye just added to the cinnamon mixture or something to trick your brain? They baked up and when they were done, they looked like normal oven-ready cinnamon rolls to me. I opened up the tiny plastic pod of strawberry icing, and was immediately disappointed. 
Sure, this stuff looks all pink and perfect in the packaging, but it tastes like a Frankenberry-strawberry whisper. The flavor payoff just isn't there. The icing, where all the strawberries and cream actions should be, is just slightly different than the normal icing you'd find in the year-round variety. If you took a strawberry breakfast cereal and steeped it in icing for a few hours, you'd get this. 
These are not great, but I ate two of them trying to wrap my brain around the fact that these tasted so...normal. I still can't say with 100% certainty that the bun itself is normal, or attempting to be strawberry flavored and failing. That is how faint this is. 
Before I completely turn you off to these, my fiance wanted to go on the record and say he liked them, and he happily ate the rest, but when I pressed him for a reason why, he said he just liked grocery store cinnamon rolls and that these tasted, pretty much, like normal. Me? I prefer the ooey gooey Cinnabon style rolls, so I think pretty much all store-bought cinnamon buns are doughy hockey pucks, and these are no different.
If you bought these and wanted to salvage them, I suggest baking them in a round pie-dish, topping them with strawberry pie filling, or a glaze of strawberry jam, and homemade cream cheese icing, maybe with a few teaspoons of strawberry jam mixed in (or even whipped strawberry cream cheese.) Because as-is, these are a big ol' disappointment. No wonder Cinnabon wanted their logo to be so tiny! 
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