Saturday, July 13, 2019

Italian Hoagie Potato Chips- The un-official flavor of NJ?

PrimoHoagies Italian Hoagie Potato Chips - CVS
When did CVS, a drug store, become such a lucrative epicenter for bizarre snackfoods?
These were on an end-cap next to the Herr's Orange Cream Balls and the Herr's Cotton Candy Balls. (It seems like Herr's is very into balls right now...) I decided to pass on the orange balls, for now, but I couldn't pass up a hoagie flavored chip.

Once opened, the inside of the bag smells like...sour cream and onion mixed with deli meat. Not spot-on hoagie-like, but not totally off-base either. The scent it a little on the pungent, oily, side of things, but I feel like the scent is headed more into pizza seasoning territory than a hoagie. It's a bizarre aromatic experience, kind of like the "uncanny-valley" effect, but for your nose. This isn't my first time at the bizarre-smelling chip rodeo, and while the scent is weird, it's not all that bad either. 
So they don't really smell like a hoagie, but do they taste like a hoagie?
Actually, it kinda does! These are meaty, a little smokey, garlic-y, onion-y, and maybe even slightly cheesy. I can't tell if the creaminess is just from a classic sour cream flavoring, or if it''s replicating Provolone cheese. Or maybe all the hoagie-like elements are making my brain think it's Provolone cheese? It's kind of messing with my brain a little bit, but I kind of like it. 
These taste I mixed sour cream and onion chips, with salt & vinegar chips, with a smokey-meaty chip, like the Prime Rib chips Herr's came out with a while back, and you know what? That's about as close to a hoagie as I think a potato chip can get. 
After a handful, I started to find the meaty flavoring to be too much for casual snacking. That bold, salty, meaty flavor lingers and clings to the sides of my tongue. Beacuse of that, I think it would be better off in mini single-serve bags, BUT my fiance's daughter REALLY dug these chips. She said they tasted and smelled like pizza, and after 24 hours, this bag was nearly decimated. 
She is an avid hoagie eater, and frequents Wawa, while I am a hoagie light-weight. I eat maybe one or two hoagies a year. (After that admission, is someone going to take away my NJ-card?) Since she loves hoagies and loved these chips, I'd say they're very successful and would be a great snack for any hoagie/sub/hero lover out there. Me? A tiny bag is more than enough, but you can't say they didn't live up to the hype. Hoagie chips, who'd-a-thunk it? 
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