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Limited Edition (Ghostbusters) White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies - Walmart

Limited Edition (Ghostbusters) White Fudge Marshmallow Twinkies - Walmart
Get ready for a nostalgic, fan-girl-ish, ranting-style review with tons of nostalgia! I know this meme has been done to death but...
Robin Williams ;_;
Having all this novelty Ghostbsuters stuff on the grocery shelves has made me so irrationally happy. I was just a kid in the late 80's, so the adult humor in the live action films was lost on me (although I still enjoyed them). It was The Real Ghostbusters animated series with silly side-kick Slimer, bizarre blonde-pompadour Egon, and Garfield-the-cat sounding Peter Venkman that sucked me into the fandom. I still have some of my action figures and ghastly plastic ghoulies in a storage bin in my attic.

I love this franchise and I happily purchased all the novelty Ghostbusters snacks I could find. I bought a 10-pack of the Ecto-Cooler juice boxes, some Key Lime Slime Twinkies, some Slimer and Marshmallow-man-shaped 'mallows and these Stay Puft-themed Twinkies. That's right, Twinkies released 2 novelty limited edition flavors! Why? Well...
If you're a true Ghostbusters fan you might remember this soundbyte from the original film: "That's a big Twinkie." I love that Hostess embraced that reference with two unique flavors. Although Key Lime Slime sounds like it'd be more palatable, at least for me, I couldn't leave this on on the shelves. I had to have it.

Of the two flavors, I think this one has the least appealing layout, but what it lacks in fun faux slime drips, it makes up in bizarre Marshmallow man expressions. Can we take a moment to appreciate this face?
Someones's Jimmies are rustled.
It's glorious in it's awkward creepiness. Side note: Walmart had Stay Puft Marshmallow man stuffed figures in the toy section, and there was one with fake roasted spots from the proton-pack attacks in the original film that played the theme song. If it wasn't $40 I would have bought it.

Other than the creepy, rustled jimmies, looking-Stay Puft man, the box is fairly generic looking. Sure, we've got the fancy new movie logo in the corner, and a lighting-looking proton stream going across the package, but I feel like the Slime-themed box had a lot more fun with it's design, and looking at it made me think of the franchise without having to slap a character onto the box to do so. The more I look at it, the more it grows on me, but it's still not my favorite.

Inside the box are white, opaque, plastic bags keeping the Twinkies fresh. I recently went on a bit of a Twinkie-bender and bought a few flavors at once, and I have a box of banana split Twinkies (review coming soon) that use the same exact bags. Now that these boxes are both open and intermingling in my snack drawer, I have a really hard time figuring out who's who. I really wish they had used a different color ink on the white wrapper or something to help distinguish them from one another, but that is likely a food blogger/hoarder-specific problem.

Unwrapped, the cake inside is coated in a thin layer of waxy "white fudge." The coating is pretty uneven, with little bits of yellow cake peeking out here and there, but since I'm not a fan of these white chocolate-based-coatings, I like that this one is really thin and imperfect.

I honestly thought this flavor was going to be a bust (See what I did there?), but it's actually a lot better than I thought it would be.

The cake and creme portions seem like your average, every day Twinkie, and the waxy outer layer is nothing to write home about, but the marshmallow coating on the top added a chewy bounce to this pastry that made it truly unique and it was not as intensely sweet as I thought it would be. You get a nice amount of marshmallow flavor and texture with the classic yellow snack cake flavor Twinkie-lovers enjoy, so overall, not bad. Not bad at all. I liked these quite a bit, although they're not my favorite Twinkie flavor (that'd be banana), and my family really seemed to like them too.

When this was announced I didn't think it sounded or looked all that appealing. I thought this product would be all novelty and nostalgia, but it turned out to have a bit of substance to it after all. If you like marshmallows, Twinkies, and 80's movies, I suggest picking up a box of these before they disappear. These are a MUST HAVE for any Ghostbusters themed events or parties.
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