Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Mallo Cups - Give Vintage D-List Candy Some Love

Mallo Cup - JoAnn Fabrics 

Are any of you watching The Boys on Amazon Prime? (It's pretty popular, so I bet some of you are.) Anyway, episode 4 has a segment where Annie and Hughie are talking about their top 3 favorite candy-bars of all time, and (spoiler alert) Annie's got some pretty odd-ball picks: Charleston Chew, Bit-o-Honey, and Mounds. Hughie instantly picks on her for liking, what he calls, the worst candy bars of all time, but whomever wrote that scene...you have a special place in my heart. I haven't felt that connected to a food-related moment in television since the anti-red-velvet rant on Orange is the New Black. It was just...perfect. 

All three of those candy bars, especially Charleston Chew, are my guilty pleasure candy picks. You know, the ones the other food blogs will make fun of you for so you don't post them on social media. Something all three of those candies have in common is they're all pretty retro, and speaking of disrespected retro candy...ever have a Mallo Cup?

Mallo cups are the things you would see at your grandparents' place that look like knock-off Reese's. They're little cups of milk chocolate, dried coconut, and vanilla-flavored marshmallow creme with packaging that looks like it just walked out of a back-woods off-brand gas station shelf. 

They looks like dollar store quality candy, but boy...do I love them. 

Objectively, the chocolate quality is okay. It's a sweet milk chocolate, probably about Russel Stover-ish in quality. It melts quickly on the tongue revealing the bits of dried coconut. The coconut adds texture as well as a light toasted coconut flavoring, which compliments the runny vanilla-flavored marshmallow filling inside. The filling is meringue-like in texture, and similar to marshmallow Fluff, but thinner and runnier. More like the marshmallow ice cream topping you can buy at the grocery store than the foam-like stuff you can buy in the peanut butter aisle.  

I grew up eating Mallo Cups at my grandparents, so I am fully aware that I am eating these through some nostalgia-tastebuds, but these are just so damn delicious. Just to give you some context, I also like Mounds, Almond Joy, Charleston Chew, Clark Bars, Chunky, and Big Hunk.  

You'll be finding random bits of coconut in your mouth for ages afterwards, so if you're not a coconut-fan, this definitely isn't the candy for you. Personally, I love it, and think any fans of D-list candy bars like Mounds and Almond Joy would probably love them too. 

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  1. I personally love these, but if they had something approaching actual chocolate they would appeal to a much larger audience, IMO.

  2. I love mounds and almond joy! I'll have to look for one of these.

  3. I have been enjoying these Mallo Cups since I was a little girl. And, that was a long time ago!

    I am always delighted when I see these Mallo Cups for sale as they are hard to find. And, finding them on Walmart was an even greater delight which meant I can order them whenever I want and receive them in only a few days!

    I introduced these Mallo Cups to my children and now my grandchildren and they each also like these candies. I share with them the story of when I was a little girl and lived out in the country and saved the paper coins that are in each candy package to 500 points and received a box of these delicious candies from Boyer. One of my granddaughters recently saved enough of these paper coins to send to Boyer. Unfortunately, now the prize is only a two dollar gift certificate.

    However, these Boyer Mallo cups are delicious and prize unto themselves. They have a chocolate and coconut cup surrounding a marshmallowy center. I like them when they are slightly warmed from room temperature so that the marshmallow center is soft.