Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In a world of Fruit Punch, Swedish Fish, and Glittery Trolls Oreos, be a Chocolate Marshmallow.

Chocolate Marshmallow Oreo - CVS
Suddenly, I have a bit more time on my hands (imagine that!), and there's no better way to dust off the ol' food blog than with a new Oreo review.  
I have a few backlogged Oreo flavors I still need to type up, like caramel coconut, mystery, marshmallow moon, and maple creme (lot of "m" names...), but I wanted to push all those aside and talk about this flavor in particular.
Chocolate Marshmallow Oreos don't have very fancy packaging, and visually, they aren't much to look at, but what they lack in shock-value, they more than make-up in flavor payoff. 
Oreos have done marshmallow before, but never like this. 

Starting with the cookie, we have the classic chocolate Oreo base, but if you look closer you can see tiny chunks of white marshmallow mix-ins. I originally thought these little flecks would be just for show, but they really do contribute to the flavor! These marshmallows are similar to the little freeze-dried marshmallow bits found in breakfast cereal, and while smaller pieces can go nearly undetected, the larger bits, due to being mixed into the cookie base and being exposed to the moisture in the creme, get this delightfully chewy texture with that same marshmallow-bit flavor. They're like tiny bits of cereal-marshmallow-caramel, and I am 100% into it! (Even if they do stick to my molars.)
Then we get the the creme filling, it's thicker than a standard Oreo, possibly close to double stuffed territory. It's softer and stickier than usual, and it has this chalky gray-ish tone. It may not be pretty, but man, does it taste good! This delivers exactly what it promised, delicious chocolate and sweet marshmallow notes. It's breakfast cereal the way I remember it tasting as a kid, sugary and borderline candy-like. 
This is the Count Chocula Oreo I never knew I wanted.  
Combined, the cookie overshadows the filling, but only slightly, and when eaten with milk? You get a whole new layer of breakfast cereal vibes that I just can't get enough of. 
They're good. Really good. And I have nearly eaten this entire family sized package single-handed. I can't even remember the last time I did that, other than with my beloved Pistachio Oreo Thins. 
The packaging says "new" and not "limited edition," so I am hoping this flavor is here to stay, because if not? I. Will. Riot.  
In a world of Fruit Punch, Swedish Fish, and Glittery Trolls Oreos, be a Chocolate Marshmallow.  
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