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"It's even better when it's with ice cream" - Peaches and Cream

Peaches and Cream Cinnamon Rolls - ShopRite
About a year ago I reviewed the Strawberries and Cream version of these Pillsbury Grands rolls, and (spoiler alert) they were super disappointing. Why did I buy this new Peach version? I blame pandemic panic at the grocery store for my lapse in judgement. But there's a silver lining, I have something to blog about, and trying some new weird foods can be fun for the family. Plus, who know, maybe these will taste great too! (I doubt it, but a girl can dream...)
The art on the outer packaging is pretty appealing. You have a warm, fluffy, gooey looking cinnamon roll with an orange tinge to the dough and a creamy peach colored icing, and who doesn't love the idea of peaches and cream? (It's one of my favorite instant oatmeal packet flavors.) So the packaging certainly does it's part to lure you in with promises of warm, comforting, breakfast food. But, does it deliver? 
Inside the packaging, there are five raw cinnamon rolls and a tiny plastic tub of icing. At first I thought the icing tub itself was a bright melon-color. Nope! That's the icing. The coloring reminded me of Crayola's "melon"-colored crayon. A little jarring and unappealing visually, but it it smells just like a packet of peaches and cream instant oatmeal. On it's own, it isn't a perfectly realistic peach flavoring, but if you've ever had a flavored instant oatmeal packet, it's spot on. 
The cinnamon rolls baked up quickly, and I iced them while hot. The icing became slightly more translucent as it melted and became more glaze-like, but it didn't lose it's overall melon-coloring. I took a bite, and just like the strawberry version, all the flavoring is in the icing. The roll itself is 100% normal. Which is disappointing. The doughy cinnamon base easily overpowers the peach-y icing and you're left with a classic instant cinnamon roll with the slightest hint of peaches. Best eaten when warm, these taste pretty okay, but as they cool, they get even more mediocre.
My fiance ate one without even knowing what it was. After a few bites he asked if they were fruity, and did notice a connection to peaches and cream oatmeal packets, so the flavor change is noticeable enough that you could recognize what Pillsbury was going for, but he wasn't that impressed overall with the flavoring. Neither am I. 
For what they are, these are a big waste of money. 
For reference, Aldi sells a tube of cinnamon rolls that contains 8 rolls, and icing, for a little more than a dollar ($1.09 in my area). I don't buy them very often, but for the money, they're pretty decent quality and I feel like they're on-par with any other roll of cinnamon dough you would buy in the grocery store. (Although they are fairly small.)
In contrast, Pillsbury is only giving us 5 "big" rolls in this package, which are significantly larger and admittedly have a nicer presentation, but  you only get 5 finished rolls for $2.99. That's nearly triple the price of the Aldi version! You could easily get two tubes at Aldi, and a jar of peach preserves, DIY your own, have three times as much finished product, and STILL save money. (Plus the peach flavoring would probably be stronger!) 
Peaches and cream rolls are a great idea. This is just a very lazy execution. If Pillsbury wanted to salvage this concept, they would have to put more effort into the finished product. I suggest adding some actual dried fruit to the rolls, or an additional packet of jam, or fruity glaze.  
Hopefully I learned my lesson and will pass on these in the future. Don't get caught up in pandemic buying, like me, and let these take up space in your fridge. They're not worth it. 
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