Monday, December 30, 2013

Peach Cobbler Extra Dessert Delights Gum - ???

Peach Cobbler Extra Dessert Delights Gum - ???
Finally! A new flavor of Dessert Delights gum that might actually work!
The original flavors (Key Lime Pie, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Shortcake) were amazing, and I was really excited to see how Extra planned on expanding the line, but the new flavors have been a real let down.
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With the exception of Root Beer Float and Lemon Square, I ultimately regretted buying each one of the new releases. Apple Pie, Orange Creme Pop, Rainbow Sherbet, and Raspberry Vanilla Cupcake all missed the mark. Unlike the originals, they tasted like cheap imitations of their namesakes, and some of the flavors even had textural issues. Maybe I got a bad batch, but the orange flavor became really hard to chew after just a few minutes. I bought that flavor almost a year ago and I still haven't finished it! It's still sitting around here somewhere.

Although this brand has let me down quite a bit, I was still keeping up to date with their new flavors and releases hoping that a new delicious flavor would be announced. Secretly, I was hoping that Bananas Foster, which was in their flavor contest about a year ago, was going to be the newest flavor, but it turned out to be Peach Cobbler. I had tried to find this flavor at my local Target, but they didn't even have it on the shelves yet. Thankfully, my boyfriend surprised me with a pack of this Peach Cobbler gum in my x-mas stocking this year (thank you Pumpkin).

The packaging hasn't changed since it's original release, which is good. Why fix it if it isn't broken? Like always, the swirled background is changed to a color scheme that compliments the dessert it is mimicking, so there are cream, peach, and orange swirls.
Inside, the sticks of gum are wrapped in their familiar silver foil and the package smells just like a packet of peaches and cream instant oatmeal.

The scent seems pretty spot on, but how does it taste?

I popped a stick of gum into my mouth and began chewing. This flavor is a lot more authentic than I thought!

After a few chews you can taste peaches, but there is no way you'd mistake this for real fruit. There is this syrupy, slightly artificial, flavor that is more like a fruit cocktail or concentrate than the actual fruit itself. As soon as you start tasking the peaches this creamy, oatmeal like, flavor starts to emerge and they mix together to create this really authentic peaches and cream oatmeal flavor.

Although this was marketed as a cobbler, it doesn't taste that way. Actually, I think the oatmeal-flavoring makes it a better winter-flavor, but I guess an oatmeal flavored gum might not be as popular.

Anyway, I was happily surprised by this fruity flavor. It's sweet, satisfying, and it's a breath of fresh air after the last few duds that Dessert Delights released.
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