Sunday, December 29, 2013

Strawberry Koala no March- ???

Strawberry Koala no March- ???
This is a little treat from my boyfriend.

I’m no stranger to Koala no March (also called Koala’s March). I’ve had panda’s, koala’s, and bears. (I even wrote an article on this very subject.)

Although I have had this brand before, I haven’t had this flavor.

The cardboard packaging is hexagonal, which a fairly unique shape, and it is covered in pink. Pink backgrounds, pink accents, pink signs…pink everything! Scattered about are cookies with various koala prints, a little koala with a baby on it’s back, and plenty of strawberries. There is no way you could every mistake this flavor for something else, they make the flavor differentiation VERY clear.

This might be something new, or else I never noticed it before, but my package had two flaps that you put together to make a little scene. As you can see, I got an adorable wedding photo of a koala couple with a big cake.

The packaging is really colorful and I love the addition of the collectable photo cards. (Again, they could have done this all along, but I never noticed.)

The cookies are inside a foiled plastic bag for freshness. Once opened, you can see all the cute printed koalas. Somewhere in here is a matching set, all boxes have a matching set of koalas, but I couldn’t find mine. A few of my cookies were badly crumbled, so I am guessing my match might have gotten a bit beat up.

The cookies smell like artificial strawberry. Kind of like powdered Nesquick, or a strawberry Chapstick. Not the most appetizing scent, but it isn’t that bad.

Similar to how they smell, these taste like I mixed strawberry Nesquick with Oreo “creme” filling and put it inside a slightly stale animal cracker. I find that all Koala’s no March have this slightly stale texture to them, a problem that Meiji’s Panda does not seem to have. (Ego’s Golden Bear has this stale texture too.)

As most of you know, I am not a fan of artificial strawberry, so I am not a huge fan of this specific flavor, but I enjoy Koala no March. I don’t see myself buying the strawberry version again, but I do want to try their more exotic flavors. (Like the latte version I had a year ago.)

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