Saturday, March 11, 2017

Tea π Peach Oolong Tea - Asian Food Markets

Tea π Peach Oolong Tea - Asian Food Markets $1.79
First off, hello to anyone stopping by after my food tasting and discussion at the Cherry Hill Public Library, and welcome to the blog!
If you don't know what I'm talking about, a few days ago I posted an event on facebook stating that I'd be doing a small panel at the local library's comic-con, highlighting Asian snacks, sweets, and the local markets where you can find them. (Like those DBZ cheese puffs, or those bakeable Kit-Kats.) 
If you were wondering what I was sipping on during the discussion, it was this: Chinese Peach Oolong Tea! I picked it up a the Asian Food Market just last week. The labeling caught my eye thanks to it's bold, flat, illustrations and if you turn it over, there's even an adorable little wiener dog! (Check him out under the cut.)

When I picked this up I honestly wasn't sure what it was. There was no price tag or sign for this product on the shelves, and when I turned it over, there was no English translated ingredients sticker. I mean, it's obviously a fruity drink of some kind, but is it just juice? or tea? One of the very few areas of English on the back pointed me towards a website,, and since I still can't read Chinese (I'll learn one day) I used Google translate to find out that this was actually a peach oolong tea from their Tea π line.
Sounds great to me! So, into my cart it went.
Once opened, the liquid inside smells sweet and syrupy, almost like those little two-toned gummy peaches you can buy in bulk bins at candy shops and grocery stores, but there are slightly bitter tannin-like notes towards the end that remind you that there is some tea hiding in there as well. I think this smells heavenly, but I'm really into peaches right now. I bought this peach-shaped and scented hand cream from Tony Moly and even though it performs so-so as a hand cream, it smells so delicious and sweet that I'm obsessed with it anyway. Let's hope this beverage bring more than a sweet scent to the table. 
I took a sip, and this stuff is sweet! Super sweet! Possibly teetering on hummingbird nectar territory, but you know what? I like it! If you dissolved a handful of those sugary peach gummy candies I mentioned earlier in an actual glass of oolong tea, it'd be this. It's practically a fruity, oolong-based, take on southern sweet-tea. As an adult approaching 30, I think something this sweet might need to be watered (or tea'd?) down a bit to make it a bit more refreshing and sip-able, but I imagine kids would absolutely love it! (That is, if they like peaches.) 
Even with it's intense sweetness, I really enjoyed this beverage and I absolutely love it's labeling, so if it's still available at the Asian Food Market during my next trip, I'll be sure to grab another bottle. Plus. since there's tea in it, I can lie to myself and say it's healthy. If you see this around, and you give it a try, let me know what you think! I saw a few other flavors listed on the website (with equally cool labels), but I haven't spotted those on the shelves (yet)
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  1. Love that Tony Moly peach hand cream scent!

    1. It smells amazing! (And the packaging is freaking adorable!) I only wish the scent lasted longer.

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