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Dragon Ball Heroes Cheesy Snacks - Asian Food Market

Dragon Ball Heroes Cheesy Snacks - Asian Food Market
Last time on food-blogger-Z: Sometimes Foodie was overcome by the earthly flu-virus. Weak, and incapacitated, she retreated to her lair and lay dormant in a healing tank to regain her strength while the other food blogging warriors picked up the slack. Today, she reemerges from the rejuvenation chamber to reclaim her foodie-throne!

I hope you read that in the rough and scratchy voice of the English-dubbed DBZ narrator. If not, click the link to hear a little piece of my childhood. Also, being trapped in my bedroom for nearly a week has made me even more socially awkward, so bear with me.

When I was a little girl I would wake up at, what seemed like, the crack of dawn on Saturday mornings to watch Dragon Ball Z on some basic cable channel. I honestly can't remember which one, but I think they also had the rights to Sailor Moon at the time. I'd crawl out of bed, wake up my sister, and we'd go downstairs to gaze at the TV screen and sing the Americanized theme song which had, like, six words in it. "Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon, Dragon Ball Z!"

DBZ and Sailormoon will always have a very special place in my anime-loving-trash heart, so when I saw these snacks at the Asian Food Market, it was an insta-buy.
Before my fellow-nerds put my head on a pike...I know that this is a Dragon Ball Heroes item, and not a DBZ one. Dragon Ball Heroes are a line of card-style arcade games that I never got into, and from what I understand their have their own stand-alone story-lines and characters, so even though I don't know the plot of this game (Galaxy Mission 5), I know and recognize the characters on the bag, and that's more than enough to trigger a mental nostalgia-bomb for me. DBZ was the first time I ever laid eyes on these characters, since I didn't get to see Dragonball until it aired on Toonami years later, so like that aunt of yours who refers to all thinks Pokemon as a "Po-key-mans," I shall here-forth refer to everything Dragon Ball as DBZ, because that's how my brain is wired. 

Needless to say, I bought this because the bag is AWESOME. We've got Vegito (long story) on the front with a bright blue kamehameha energy blast in his hands, green-dad (aka Piccolo) top right, SS3 Gotenks (longER story), and...is that..SS Gohan at the top left? (Oh god, I'm going to get crucified by true-fans.) The gi looks like Son Goku, but he doesn't have as many forehead locks as he usually does in SS mode, and yet, he has too many for Gohan, who I usually see with one. Then again, they already have Vegito on the bag, so it's gotta be Gohan, right? Oh man, this is awkward...MOVING ON! (Let me know who it is in the comments below. I really hope I'm not the only one struggling here.)
The bag is a fun piece of nostalgia for any fan, and it looks like you might get a collectable card or something inside? NEAT! Okay, time to open 'er up!

Inside the bag are little shrimp-chip-looking cheese curls, and unlike Cheeto's or other bright orange cheesy snacks, this one has little-to-no cheesy powder on it's exterior. You don't get very many snacks in this itty bitty bag, and you don't seem to get a collectable card either! I've been duped! (Although I can't read Japanese, so maybe not every bag gets a card? Oh well, just another reason I should learn to read these things.)
The cheesy snacks inside have a mild corn and cheese aroma, similar to every other corn-puffed cheese snack on the market, and they taste...kind of bland actually. Since there's no brightly colored flavor dust on the outside these are much easier to snack on without fear of orange-stained fingers, but what they gain in eating-etiquette, they lose in flavor. I want to say these taste like those toddler-friendly Gerber Graduates snacks, but they're a bit more flavorful than that.
These are pretty much cheese curls without the cheesy dust. (Which is un-arguably the best part of cheesy curls.) It's definitely not the worst novelty anime/game snack I've ever eaten, but it's still not worth it. I can buy a larger portion of better cheesy curls for .99 cents here in the states. This is a novelty product preying on fans of the franchise and it's characters. If you're a fan, I say it's definitely worth picking up so you can geek out over the bag art, just don't expect a collectable card (or even a sticker) inside. For the rest of you in the non-anime-watching snack-eating public, these cheese curls are a dud and definitely not worth seeking out for snacking purposes.

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