Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Dragon Ball Soda - SunSengMarket : Pennsauken, NJ (PHOTO HEAVY!)

Dragon Ball Soda - SunSengMarket : Pennsauken, NJ
Since the cans are so awesome I had to split the review into two posts.
This one will focus on packaging, and the next one (tomorrow) will be the taste of the actual soda.
I grew up with Dragonball and Dragonball Z. (I used to wake up early and watch it on Saturday mornings, along with Sailormoon before they went on Toonami.) So I had to buy these when I saw them. The store didn’t have all the designs, so I picked my top three characters.
  • Bulma
  • Master Roshi
  • Yamcha
The packaging is very detailed and nostalgic. The front of each can looks like the torso of a main character and includes a side kick, or related item. (Like Bulma’s dragonball locator). The backs have a scene from the show, a little description, and a line up of all the available character cans.
The packaging is what made me buy this product. The nostalgia got me right away and I was torn over what cans I wanted to buy even though they all contained the same beverage. This kind of marketing is brilliant. Users can buy the products and horde them as collectables. Anime packaging and products are popular in Japan, but it’s often hard to find the same products in the states. (I know my boyfriend would love all the nifty Neon Genesis Evangelion products they sell over there, but the only way to get them is to order from Japan or a dealer that sells Japanese goods.)
This packaging is bright, colorful, functional, and collectable. I mainly bought these so I could photograph the cans, but I do hope the drink inside is decent. Maybe they will be! After all, I was pleasantly surprised by those Nintendo energy drinks a few months ago.
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