Sunday, February 19, 2017

Papa John's Wisconsin Cheese Stuffed Cheesesticks (Quickie Review)

Wisconsin Cheese Stuffed Cheesesticks - Papa John's $6.00
I have (somewhat) rejoined the land of the living! Time to celebrate with some cheesy bread sticks and pizza. (Because I had a 50% off coupon code. #frugalfoodie)

My family's go-to bread-stick option is the finger-like garlic Parmesan sticks. When I went to place my order I saw an ad on the main page for these "new" cheesysticks that were released at the very end of December, and the photos looked really appealing. I decided to throw caution to the wind and give these a try. (Against my family's wishes, so I ended up ordering both bread sticks along with a large pizza. So many carbs!) 

When they arrived, the cheesesticks looked great! The outside is crispy and cheesy, while the inside looks thick and doughy with a visible layer of melted cheese in the middle. Almost exactly like the photo I saw online! Surprisingly, they don't smell like much at all. There's supposed to be garlic hidden in there somewhere along with 5+ different cheeses, but all I can smell is dough and typical pizza-topping cheese.
When I took a bite, they had some great crispy and chewy textures, but they were surprisingly flavorless.

This item boasts that it has "melted cheddar, Asiago, Fontina, Provolone, and cheese made from mozzarella and come topped with garlic sauce and Parmesan Romano cheese." I honestly can't taste any of that. I think this is a lighter, fluffier, version of their normal circular-pie-style cheesy bread sticks that use their normal pizza dough and pizza cheese. There's nothing bolder, cheesier, or even new about this product, and that was disappointing. My family was right, our usual go-to breadstick order is far more flavorful.

These are just a mildly cheesy bread-y vehicle for dipping sauces. Dipping them in the pizza sauce makes you feel like you're eating a regular Papa John's pizza, and dipping them in the garlic sauce gives me the garlic-y punch I had hoped for from the start. Even with the added sauces, I don't feel like there's enough of a flavor-factor here to ever make me reorder these. This is another bread-y flavorless-flop from Papa John's. I really used to love this company, but lately it's given me nothing but disappointment.
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  1. I was also super disappointed by these. I greatly prefer their regular cheese sticks to this.