Friday, February 17, 2017

Should've Got That Flu Shot...

Just  little update, I have the flu. It's been years since I've had it so it hit me REALLY hard. I've been sick since Saturday morning. It sucks, but I'm FINALLY getting well enough to taste food again, so reviews will be back as soon as my sense of taste is!

I'll be hibernating in my cocoon made of Hall's wrappers and Vicks Vaporub for the next day or so, but when I emerge I will be a beautiful non-mouth-breathing butterfly!

Here's what I've been watching on Netflix as I slip in and out of NyQuil Naptime:
  • Moonrise Kingdom (5/5 stars! But I am a Wes Anderson-film-lover) 
  • Little Sister (3.5/5 Pink haired former goth nuns?) 
  • The Other Woman  (4.5/5 kinda like The Step-Mom, but a little darker, deals with loss)
  • Heaven Knows What (4.5/5 realistic look at a drug addiction and love, dark, sad and gritty) 
  • Philomena (4/5 so much crying)
  • Hannibal (3.5/5, I miss Jodie Foster. Not as good as Silence of the Lambs.)
  • The Money Pit (3/5 Not the best thing for a new home owner to subject themselves to...)
  • Girl Asleep (2/5 normally I like fun foreign indie films, but this was too disjointed for me)
  • Lost in Space (0/5 awful, made me feel bad for Matthew LeBlanc's post-Friends career)
  • Antibirth (3.5/5 interesting body-horror film with a lot of actresses I like)
  • About Scout (3/5, it's cute, but not all that memorable) 
Got any Netflix recommendations for me? 

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