Sunday, May 19, 2013

Limited Edition ‘Shure, Bert’ Oreos - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ

Limited Edition ‘Shure, Bert’ Oreos - Walmart : Cherry Hill, NJ
Another limited edition Oreo! This time the filling is flavored with a mixture of lime and raspberry sherbet. My boyfriend actually bought these before I did, and he told me they were review worthy, so I went out and bought my own bag.

The packaging is the same yellow-orange color as the vanilla/golden/blonde Oreos. The only distinct design differences have been the addition of “Limited Edition Ice Cream,” “Rainbow Shure, Bert,” and an image of a sherbet ice cream cone. My only gripe is that this is NOT rainbow sherbet. Traditionally, orange is also in the mix, so I wish Oreo had included orange in the filling, or made the cookies orange flavored. (Sometimes lemon is also in rainbow sherbet, so that would have been nice too.)

Inside, the cookies have an amazingly accurate sherbet aroma. You can actually smell sweet raspberry and tangy lime! I think there is even a hint of orange in the raspberry notes, but I might be mistaken. Either way, I was really impressed by the smell.

Like most limited edition Oreos, the cookies aren’t filled evenly. Some may have almost all raspberry filling (like the one pictured) or a full streak of lime in the middle. (I found that a majority of the cookies in my package were raspberry with tiny bits of lime.)

Sadly, the flavors smell a lot stronger than they taste, but these are still pretty damn good! The raspberry filling is sweet and has a light raspberry sherbet flavor, and the lime adds a little bit of a citrus tang. I might be wrong, but I can taste a little bit of orange in the filling as well.

The limited edition Oreos have been a little hit and miss, but I really liked these a lot! These are great for summer! (I think Oreo should make a lime filling and do some key lime Oreos this summer.)

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