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Project 7 Key Lime Pie Build+A+Flavor Gum - Target

Project 7 Key Lime Pie Build+A+Flavor Gum - Target
I've gushed over Project 7's packaging and overall branding, but to be honest, the only product of theirs I truly love and repurchase on a regular basis are their vanilla peppermints. This company has TONS of gum flavors, but I always feel like the taste never lives up to their fancy flavor names, but maybe that will change now that we have these Target exclusive Build+A+Flavor packs. 
Back when Dessert Delights gum was around they had a Key Lime Pie flavor, and it was my absolute favorite! Since it was discontinued a few years ago I've been missing my chewable pie-flavored fix, so I'm really hoping this will be an adequate (or improved) replacement.
The main reason why I love this company is because of their packaging and overall design, which works amazingly for single serving packets, but when you make it 2-up all those lovely benefits fly right out the window. It's no longer pocket or purse friendly, due to the long and awkward shape of the doubled up bagged packaging. I can fold it over on itself to make it more of a pocket-size, but the added thickness makes it bulge uncomfortably in my pants pocket. Folding it over did help out with purse storage, but it just won't stay shut! This longer segmented ziplock style closure won't close! I've tried multiple times but pieces of gum are escaping into the depths of my purse and that is definitely not ideal. (Unless you like little bits of lint, bobby pins, old receipts and lose change touching you candy.) While I love the playful and whimsical mix-your-own-flavor concept, this packaging just doesn't work. (Which is a pity, because until now I've had nothing but wonderful things to say about this company and their packaging.) 
A simple solution would be to add a perforation line between the two pouches so you can easily separate the flavors into 2-pockets, and hopefully they'll seal better that way as well. It loses some of it's playfulness, but trust me, it'll function so much better!
Enough picky packaging, how does it taste?
Lime was the reason I bought this, so I went for that first. Before chewing, i noticed that the little white chiclet pieces smell oddly buttery and salty, kind of like a buttered popcorn Jelly Belly bean, which was really alarming. Did something go wrong at the factory? Why does my lime gum smell like popcorn? Was there a flavor switcheroo?
I popped two pieces into my mouth and thank the foodie gods it tastes bright, juicy, and very similar to the key lime pie Dessert Delights gum I miss, but without any of the graham cracker crust notes. I really like it! This might be my favorite flavor of Project 7 gum yet! (It's a little on the concentrated margarita mix side, but still really good!) 
Next up, cream pie. (Which is oh so gross sounding out of context. I mean, does anyone eat a cream pie? Normally there's a fruit tossed in there or something. Like "lemon cream pie,"  "banana cream pie" etc.) 
On it's own, cream pie smells like buttered popcorn nightmares. THIS is what infected the lime pieces and made them smell like Jelly Belly beans! I chomped down on two pieces and this stuff is buttery, slightly salty, vanilla'd and really really off putting for me. I do NOT like this on it's own at all. I feel like I'm chewing a salted caramel bubble gum. Maybe the lime can fix this? 
I went for the lime lovers combo on the back, two lime and one cream pie. The results? Not terrible. The cream pie flavoring is pretty strong and oddly salty, which I'm not a fan of in the least, butthe lime is bright, zesty and tangy. Would I buy this combo again? No way. I would much rather have the lime on it's own. This salty vanilla cream pie stuff is NOT for me. (My sister hated it too, but she agrees that the lime is awesome.) 
I have a s'mores themed pack from Project 7 that I'll be reviewing soon and I'm really hoping that if I mix two lime with a graham cracker flavored piece I can recreate the Dessert Delights Key Lime Pie goodness I crave. Fingers crossed that it's a success! (I'll update this post when I open that pack to let you guys know how that pans out!)
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