Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Purple -Bag Doritos have a new Cheetos-cousin

Tangy Chili Fusion Cheetos - Walmart

Flamin' Hot Cheetos have a cult following, and recently got their own origin film. (I think it's available on both Hulu and Disney+.)  Although I enjoy spicy snacking, I've never been a fan. I am uncharacteristically picky when it comes to cheese-flavored snack food. If I'm reaching for Cheetos, it's the classic crunchy bags or Mexican Street Corn, but that may change after this. 

Looking at the bag, the "chili" and hint of purple makes this feel like a Cheeto-variant of Dorito's Spicy Sweet Chili. (Which I love.) But it also looks a lot like the current Instagram branding. An interesting choice. 

Everyone I know love the "purple bag" Doritos, so it would make sense for Cheetos to try and make a similar chili option, but the bag says "tangy," not, "sweet." So it could be completely unique, but if it turns out to be a Cheeto version of the Dorito flavor, I won't be mad at it. 

Opened, I don't have a bag of Doritos on hand to do a side by side comparison, but I feel pretty safe in saying, it's practically the same as Spicy Sweet Chili. The sweetness is front and center smell-wise, along with a tangy lime-juice- like aroma, and chili-heat. I'm very into it and excited! 

Grabbing a handful, I noticed a lot of the pieces inside are pretty small, which is a little annoying. I prefer the big ol' Fred Flintstone-club-pieces, but this'll do. 

Giving them a try, they do live up to the tangy name, and I would say they're hotter than Doritos as well! 

I can taste saltiness, classic orange-cheese, tangy concentrated lime-juice, and a sweet almost BBQ-sauce-like chili seasoning. All of that is followed up with the corn-y goodness of classic Cheetos and a healthy amount of sweet and spicy dry-heat. It's a dry pepper-y heat, and it builds up on the sides of your tongue as you snack. I would say it gets to medium-high level, so if you can't handle heat at all, these won't be for you. But if you like the Doritos chili chips, this will be a step up spicy wise, as long as you consistently snack on them and build it up. 

Once in a while I feel like these take on a sriracha-ketchup kind of flavor, which I'm also into. 

These is the first Flamin' Hot product I'm into! I'd still probably leave classic Crunchy Cheetos as my number one, but this steals the number two slot from Mexican Street Corn (which is still my #3.) I would definitely buy these again, and recommend them to anyone wishing Dorito's would kick it up a notch. 

Hope you all had a great long weekend, and I'll see you again on Friday with another post! 

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