Sunday, May 1, 2016

Honey Cheese Cheetos - H-Mart

Honey Cheese Cheetos - H-Mart
I hosted my first ever tasting party last night! Which is a lot less fancy than it sounds. Basically I just invited a bunch of my friends over so they could eat excess snacks and sweets I'm reviewing to help with my food hoarding situation. We snacked on junk food, played Wii U games and watched bad horror movies. (Last night's selection was the awesomely bad Zoombies. It featured amazingly bad CG and an epicly dressed character I dubbed "Mr. No-Sleeves." Not the best of bad horror, but it made for a fun evening.)

These Cheetos were one of the many items on last night's menu, so were they a hit, or a miss? Time to find out!
Miriam, an awesome facebook fan, gave me the scoop on what the packaging says! (Thanks Miriam!)
"The Korean under "Cheetos" is literally "Cheetosu"
and the bit with the cheese with the honey on it reads "Cheese flavored honey"
The packaging isn't all that different from your typical bag of Cheetos. All the usual elements are there. We have Chester living his extreme rollerblading lifestyle surrounded by scattered Cheetos, and there's a little photo to the side relating to this bag's flavor. Sure it's in Korean, but it looks no different from the Cheetos you'd see on the shelves at Walmart or 7-Eleven anywhere in America. However, this flavor combo is very Korean.

Honey flavored snacks are still going strong in Korea, and these appear to be Honey and Cheese flavored, although they could also be Honey Butter and Cheese, or even just Honey Butter. I'm not entirely sure. (Since I can't read Korean.) The nutrition label with the English translation says that it's made with honey flavor and cheese flour (whatever that is), so honey cheese seems to be my best bet.

I opened the bag and the puffed snacks inside smell like a sweet honey'd breakfast cereal mixed with Ritz crackers. (And fry oil.) It's sweet, salty, and buttery all at the same time, but there's no sign of the cheese. Maybe they're just honey butter flavored? They don't smell cheesy, and they don't really look cheesy either.

They're crunchy style, which is my favorite kind of Cheeto, and they're a light yellow color. I imagine this is what normal Cheetos look like without all their orange-colored flavor dust. I took a bite, and the flavoring was more subdued than the Tong Tong and other honey-themed Korean snacks I've had so far, which usually go really heavy with the honey flavoring, but the lighter honey-notes made this stuff more snacking friendly.  It has all the crunch of my favorite Cheetos with a sweet and salty flavoring that's reminiscent of kettle corn! I can barely taste any cheese, and what little I can taste is mild and almost cream-cheese-like, making this taste like more of a dessert than a savory snack choice, but I like 'em!

I put these out for my friends last night and the initial reaction was lukewarm at best, but they found themselves reaching for more, and more, and before you knew it they were happily snacking on these Cheetos and the other honey themed Korean snacks I put out for them. These may be a bit of an acquired taste, but people seem to acquire it pretty quickly.

If you enjoy sweet and salty snacks, like kettle corn, you really need to get in on this honey butter trend. It's new, interesting, and highly addictive.
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