Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Bolthouse Farms Orange + Carrot Juice - Aldi

Bolthouse Farms Orange + Carrot Juice - Aldi
I don't have the best eating habits. (Shocking, I know.) I eat frozen pizza 3-4 times a week and lately the only way I've been getting fruit into my diet is when I add it to waffle batter on the weekends. My typical routine is crazy and there's no signs of it letting up any time soon, so squeezing vitamins, fruits and veggies into my diet any way I can is probably a good idea. The only catch is, it's gotta taste good.

That whole green juice craze, where people puree raw kale with pretty much anything to make it not taste like sad wet lawn clippings, just doesn't work for me. I tried it, and even though drinking one glass of that stuff tricked my brain into thinking I was magically healthier and somehow better for having done it, I never wanted to drink it again. I nursed the bottle I had until it reached room temperature and then I dumped it. (I'm sorry juice fanatics. I just couldn't hang. I think kale is best eaten in savory chip form anyway.) Safe to say, the green juice route wasn't for me, but what about orange? As in carrots. I like carrots. They're sweet, and I could see that blending nicely with some fruit juices. Maybe this will be the juice for me.
By now I've reviewed quite a few Bolthouse products on the blog and their packaging, no matter what size the bottle may be, follows the same layout. They all look the same with colorful flavor-related variations. Consistency can sometimes make a brand appear stagnant, but in Bolthouse's case I find it really appealing.

The bottle looks similar to Naked juices, which I also buy from time to time, but Bolthouse has a smoother, rounded bottle and they put more effort into their food imagery, which I really appreciate, but like Naked they have a little breakdown on the side of the bottle letting you know what's inside.
What've we got here? Oranges, carrots and apples. (Oh my!) So far everything checks out and makes sense, after all, apple is a filler-fruit. You find it in pretty much everything fruity ever, 'cause it's cheap and sweet, but what's this in the nutritional area...? This list says there is acerola puree in this stuff. I don't see that on this fancy little food list. What is acerola? Turns out it's also known and Barbados Slim Cherry, and it's high in vitamin C, which is probably why Bolthouse used it in the first place.

Once opened the juice smells exactly like you think it would. I smell sweet carrots and orange juice. Like someone put freshly sliced veggie platter out on the breakfast buffet. It's not bad, but it's a lot more carrot-y than I was expecting. I figured the oranges would be strong enough to mask anything, but I was wrong.
As I poured it into the glass the juice was intensely opaque, but the color was freaking gorgeous.

I took a sip, and it literally tastes like carrot sticks that were soaked in OJ and pureed in a blender, but I like it. You would never be able to pass this off as normal fruit juice, the second people smell this stuff you know it's mostly carrots, and it tastes like carrots, but carrots are pretty sweet on their own. Since it's sweet it complements the fruit nicely and even though it doesn't quite blend in with everything else, I don't mind the bold carrot-y flavoring at all. This is way more my speed.

Green juice isn't for me, but orange juice? That I can get behind. This flavor isn't my favorite in the Bolthouse line, but I would definitely repurchase it.
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  1. Have you ever tried the odwalla superfood juice? It's green but made from all fruit juices and very sweet- if the bottle was opaque you would think it was just a thick fruit juice (the supplement spirulina is added which gives it the color)