Thursday, June 14, 2012

Golden Corral - Delran, NJ

Golden Corral - Delran, NJ
Even though I am sick with an upper respiratory infection and bronchitis, I went with my family to the local Golden Corral to eat.  (I was too sick, lazy and hungry to cook.)
This was my second time going, the last time I went was with my boyfriend and I pecked at everything… until it was time for dessert. I ate every dessert I could!

This time, being sick, I toned down the sweets.

The salad was pretty fresh and was nice, but I hated the dressing selection. I tried the “Italian” (in quotes because I think it was mislabeled and actually a balsamic of sorts) and Caesar dressings, but neither tasted quite right.

I followed the traditional salad with a nontraditional main course. Cheesy nachos, mashed potatoes with gravy, cheesy broccoli, sweet potato casserole, and a bit of the Asian styled chicken and pork. I really enjoyed the mashed potatoes and broccoli. The sweet potato casserole was amazingly sweet, but it was honestly 75% marshmallow (which I have NO problem with.)

I love fries and had to grab some, and you ALWAYS have to try pizza. The fries were basic diner quality fries, but that pizza was…. horrible. I took one bite and spat it out. It reminded me of pizza day in Elementary school. Cracker-like crust with a ketchup-y sauce. It might have been an off slice, or off day…but I couldn’t even eat a bite of it.

Dessert time! I took it easy. I got a mini lemon meringue pie, some gummi bears, banana pudding, bread pudding and some strawberry topping. I put the strawberry stuff on the gummy bears because, well, I think it tastes good. The desserts were yummy, especially that banana pudding. It tastes like real bananas!

All in all, the Golden Corral is a fun buffet and offers a lot of things I haven’t seen in any where else. Try it out one night and see what you think.  It isn’t a high class restaurant, but it is fun to go get tons of yummy desserts with friends!

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