Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Root Beer Float Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Root Beer Float Extra Dessert Delights - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
The Extra Dessert Delights line has been great from the get-go. Starting with key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, and mint chocolate chip ice cream, the yummy flavors and kitchy packaging sold well.

Now they have now started to branch out and make some more flavor options. This is one of the newest they have to offer, root beer float.
Click on the flavor for photos and a review:

The package follows the general design layout of the previous flavors, flowing design in like-colors with a photo of the real dessert the gum is based on.

The gum smells just like the hard-candy root beer barrels I used to eat as a kid.

The gum starts out being a very sweet vanilla, which gradually gives way to a nice root beer soda flavor. I can taste a little bit of an artificial sweetener after-taste, but this gum is pretty spot on!

I tastes really refreshing, and since I have never had a root beer flavored gum before, it’s unique! I think this is a great addition to the Dessert Delights line up and I would buy it again!

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