Friday, November 9, 2012

Pear Soda - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA

Pear Soda - Franklin Fountain : Philadelphia, PA
Back when my friends Brian and Kevin took me to The Fountain for ice cream, I picked up two bottled-sodas. (A Jersey-cream and this Pear Soda.)
The bottle is made of brown-tinted glass and it is short and stocky when compared to the other beverages in my fridge. The label design is quite modern and minimalistic. I like the contrast of the modern design against a vintage looking bottle. However I am not a fan of the HOTLIPS logo, lipstick-print designs always bother me.
I had to use my bottle opener for this soda, which was kind of fun. (I rarely get to use it.) Once opened, I noticed the soda smelled like a sparkling cider. The beverage contains “100% fruit juice,” which is always nice to see.
The ingredients read: Sparkling water, Pacific Northwest grown pears, more NW pears crushed + concentrated, organic lemon juice, vanilla.
That’s it! The beverage tastes very similar to sparkling apple cider, but the pears have a honey-like flavor to them.
I really liked this drink, and I think It would be fun to serve for Thanksgiving.
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