Thursday, November 8, 2012

Kabaya Ju-C Watermelon Tablets - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Kabaya Ju-C Watermelon Tablets - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
Time for something new! This time I picked up Kabaya’s Ju-C Watermelon tablets! According to THIS SITE these candies have a bit of calcium in them to promote health, but the nutritional information on my package says they contain 0% Calcium for the whole tube. Oh well, candy-is-candy!
This packaging is different from all the others I have reviewed so far! Meiji uses cardboard to make their tubes, but Kabaya has used clear plastic! You can easily remove the wrapping and then you can have a clear plastic tube to store beads or other crafting supplies. After taking off the plastic I noticed the cap has an animal design on it, it’s raised and could possibly be used for a stamp!

On to the candy, after taking off the cap I could smell sweet watermelon. More specifically, the scent reminds me of watermelon water-ice, or Polish water-ice. It smells fruity, smooth, and very sweet.
The candy comes in two colors, yellow and pink, because there ARE yellow watermelons out there! (A little watermelon humor from Tumblr.) I have had both before, and there really wasn’t much difference in flavor. (The yellow might have been a bit sweeter, but it still tasted like watermelon.)
Do these tablets taste like watermelon?
  • Yellow - Tastes very bold, almost a little tart, but it definitely tastes like watermelon water-ice. The tablet slowly dissolves on your tongue, and it is very juicy! I was surprised by just how juicy the taste was!
  • Pink - Is milder in flavor than the yellow, the overall flavor was more like eating a real watermelon, and I found that the little flecks in this one became pulpy bits that reminded me of actual watermelon texture! 
EDIT 1/13/2014
I went to Kabaya's official website and, with the help of Google translation, I found out that these are fresh watermelon and water melon soda flavored. I am guessing yellow was real melon and pink was melon soda, but I'm not 100% sure.

I think these candies were amazing! The taste is so authentic! This brand makes several other flavors and I am excited to try more.
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