Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Neuro : Sonic - from a promoter

Neuro : Sonic - from a promoter
Companies LOVE coming to college campuses and having students try new products. It makes sense, you have a lot of 17-25 year olds there to test out your product, and if they like it they’ll seek it out in the future.
I have tried Neuro before, just a different flavor, and I was NOT a fan. 
Like my other review states, I LOVE this bottle design, but this specific bottle looks like a sex toy. I think it’s because it is all one color, the Bliss variation I had before was broken up with different colors. (There is an orgasm themed drink in the line, so maybe they want that kind of association.)
This drink smells and tastes like baby-aspirin and seltzer water. I know a few of my friends enjoy these drinks, but I just can’t get past the medicine-like taste. Although it is liquid, I feel like the flavor can be described as chalky.
Each drink is supposed to do something, Bliss was supposed to relax and make you actually feel blissful, Sonic is supposed to help you focus and improve performance. After drinking the bottle I did feel more focused, but I don’t think my performance improved at all.
It was nice to get this drink for free, but I really did not enjoy it. Even though I did feel more focused, I hated the taste, and I wouldn’t purchase this.
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