Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nacho Pizza Piattos - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ

Nacho Pizza Piattos - Asian Food Market : Cherry Hill, NJ
Something savory! This time it’s a bag of Piattos, a hexagonal chip brand from the Philippines.
The flavor is why I picked these up, nacho pizza? What could that taste like?
The bag is small, only 3 oz, with a bold red color scheme. The flavor “nacho pizza” might refer to loaded nachos, because that is what I see on the bag. Yet, on the back it says that these are pizza flavored chips with “nacho cheese.” Either way, this sounded interesting.
When I opened the bag I smelled oregano, and nothing else. No tomato, no cheese, no potato! A lot of pizza-flavored items tend to be oregano heavy, but I hope they tastes like something more.
The chips are light and crispy, the texture is like Lay’s Baked line of chips or Pringles. The crisps are pretty small, about the size of the crisps in the 100 calorie packs you can buy, and covered in bright red-orange flavoring.
I could instantly taste tomato paste, oregano, and a little bit of artificial cheese.
Do these taste like pizza? No. Nachos? No. They remind me of a ketchup chip with oregano, which isn’t a bad flavor. It is actually quite nice, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.
Although I wouldn’t get this specific flavor again, I really liked the crisps and their texture. I would love to try more flavors.
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