Friday, December 21, 2012

Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

Dove Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
I love Dove brand chocolate. Their chocolates have a smooth and silky mouth-feel. Lately, this brand has been expanding to include new flavors. (I tried their version of cookies and cream a while back and wasn’t impressed.) Let’s see if sea salt and caramel is any better.
The packaging is standard for Dove. It’s a plastic bag which contains individual chocolates wrapped in foil. If you aren’t familiar with Dove, each one of the candies has a little message inside the wrapper. I just ate one that says, “Daydreaming is free.” I like the novelty of messages inside my candy, like a fortune cookie, but these are kinda cheesy.
When unwrapped, the candy smells like dark chocolate. (My favorite)
Taking a bite, the dark chocolate melts quickly in your mouth revealing the very soft and sweet caramel. The filling has a slightly salty taste, on it’s own it is easy to detect the salt, but mixed with the chocolate the salt gets lost.

These were a LOT better than the cookies and cream variety, but I wish they had added bits of sea salt on top, or mixed in with the chocolate. These are delicious chocolate caramels, the saltiness is just a bit weak for my tastes.
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