Thursday, December 20, 2012

CandyCane Oreos - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ

CandyCane Oreos - Target: Cherry Hill, NJ
Oreo released two different limited edition flavors for the holidays. Walmart got the gingerbread variety I reviewed before, and Target got these candy cane ones. 
Target seems to get the better packaging every time. They have the bags that reseal at the top and allow the tray to slide out. I like these bags a lot more, but both get the job done.
The cookies have a light minty scent, much sweeter than the normal mint Oreos, these have a lot more vanilla in the aroma. The creme inside is two toned, like the candy corn flavor released this fall, and there are little sprinkles to add a crunchy texture.
These taste very sweet and mild, I like these a lot more than the gingerbread. (But I am VERY picky when it comes to gingerbread.) These are definitely more of a candy cane peppermint, than a straight up mint flavor.
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