Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cinnamon & Sugar Pringles - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Cinnamon & Sugar Pringles - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
I tried the white chocolate peppermint version a few days ago, and it was really disappointing. I hope that these cinnamon and sugar ones are much better. I mean, can you really mess up cinnamon and sugar?

The packaging is the same as any other Pringles can. I like that the design really focuses on cinnamon, it makes me feel like these chips will be really flavorful.
Opening the can, the crisps smell like cinnamon. So that is a good sign right there. The chips smell strongly, but they don’t look very seasoned. I can see a light dusting of cinnamon, but it is barely there.

Time to taste them!

These….are very salty. Again, it tastes like the original flavor. Except this time someone dumped a bit of cinnamon on them instead of toothpaste. I love the combination of sweet and salty, but there is no sweet cinnamon and sugar taste. Instead, I got cinnamon and salt.

I had such high hopes for these chips, and thought that the idea would have brought Pringles into a whole new market, but these are just as disappointing as the mint variety. (Maybe even more disappointing because I love cinnamon and sugar and hoped these would have been churro-like in flavor.)

Unless they change the flavor formulas, I won’t be buying these again or trying new flavors in the future.

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