Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kabaya Puchi Pasuteru - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ

Kabaya Puchi Pasuteru - Asian Food Market: Cherry Hill, NJ
It’s been a while since I reviewed anything from the Asian Food Market. I picked this package up back in October and never got around to reviewing it, better late than never.
The box is really bright and busy. There is a LOT going on here.The entire box is absolutely covered in information. The front has the least going on, it features little chocolate ice cream cones and a cute bear mascot. (Isn’t he adorable?) The rest of the box is covered in words I can’t understand, and math. That’s right, MATH! There are 5 flavors of “ice cream” and 4 cone options, so there are 20 different possible combinations inside. I really liked this, because I have always liked math, and it’s fun to include education with candy.
The box opened up, and I was surprised that there were two packages inside. I thought there would just be one large package, but the portion control of two bags is always welcome. (They are much easier to share this way.) Plus there seems to be a game inside the box, but I can’t read the instructions. It looks like a slide puzzle mixed with sudoku…I will have to look this up so I can play.
Inside the pouch are a bunch of little ice cream shaped chocolates. The cones are made of solid milk chocolate, and the ice cream scoops are some sort of malt ball, or cookie ball, covered in colored white chocolate. I couldn’t taste a difference in any of the colors, so I don’t think the scoops are actually flavored.
The overall taste isn’t fantastic. The chocolate is VERY sweet, and the crunchy center of the ice cream scoop adds a nice texture, but nothing to the flavor.
These were really adorable and fun, but I wouldn’t buy them again just for the taste. Maybe to decorate a cake or other treat.

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