Monday, December 31, 2012

Fentiman’s Traditional Rose Lemonade - Cinema 16:9: Lansdown, PA

Fentiman’s Traditional Rose Lemonade
- Cinema 16:9: Lansdown, PA
A while ago my boyfriend and I decided to be nerdy and we went to a screening of the Madoka Magica movie. The film was being shown at an independent movie theater called Cinema 16:9, which I had never heard of before, and it was awesome! (I am a pop-culture and movie junkie as well as sometimes foodie.) They served old fashioned bottled sodas, showed small indie films, and decorated the place with decoupaged film stills. If you’re nearby go and check it out!
I was VERY close to buying all the bottled sodas to try, but settled on the old fashioned rose lemonade. The bottle looked so lovely and unique I had to photograph it. Typically I am not a fan of floral flavors, but the packaging really won me over.

The bottle is made of glass and has a classic feel to it. The label doesn’t wrap around the bottle, like most do, instead it is very minimalistic. We have a little collar around the bottleneck, an oval on the front and a little nutritional label on the back. I love the typography on the oval label. It’s simple, straight forward, and has a vintage feel. 

I had to open it with an actual bottle opener (which is always fun). When I did, I could smell fizzy citrus with a very light rose petal scent. The floral notes weren’t enough to make me think of soap, or grandmas (like most florals do), but you can tell it is there. 
I was really worried that this would taste like a perfume or a candle, but it is really interesting and refreshing. It actually reminds me a lot of the sodas I had in Italy. The carbonation is really light, the citrus taste clears your palette, and you get a delicate, soothing, rose-water finish.
I really liked this soda, and it would be ADORABLE for a lolita gathering or tea party (or a pastel party). Cinema 16:9 carries a few other flavors, and next time I stop by I’ll definitely pick them up (and try to snap some shots of the place to show you guys).
**UPDATE** Sadly the theater where I bought this soda was forced to close due to films changing to a more advanced, and expensive, format. It was a lovely establishment and it's a pity that small businesses are closing everywhere. Do your part and support small businesses, so we can keep awesome places like this alive.
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