Thursday, January 31, 2013

Extra Dessert Delights (Lemon Square) - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Extra Dessert Delights (Lemon Square) - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
I loved the Dessert Delights gum when it first came out. All three of the original flavors were fantastic! As the line expanded, the newer flavors were very disappointing. Out of orange creme pop, rainbow sherbet and root-beer float…I only liked root-beer float. I wasn’t going to give any more of the new flavors a chance, until I saw lemon square. My love of everything lemon overcame my disappointment in this gum and I had to give it a try. (That and Target has a .50 off coupon on their site making the gum .49 cents.) 
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I love all the packaging for this line. Every flavor follows the same overall design scheme but with a color complimentary to the dessert flavor. Lemon square is bright, cheery, and refreshing to look at. The yellows are bright, without being obnoxious or blinding.
As I opened the package I noticed that the gum smells exactly like Lemon Coolers, a cookie I had as a kid. (Which are exactly like the Savannah Smiles sold by girl scouts.) I love this smell!
I was worried that this would just smell and taste like lemonade, but it tastes like…a lemon square. An actual lemon square…for the first few seconds. After a few chews the crusty flavor dissipates and your left with a delicious lemon-y cookie taste. A lot like the cookies I mentioned earlier.

As a chewing gum, It does not have the tough chewing texture that the orange creme pop flavor had. It has a nice bouncy chew and retains a nice lemony flavor for almost an hour. The flavor gradually fades, just like any chewing gum.
This flavor has renewed my faith in this gum line. It is delicious! If you like lemon, definitely try this gum. (Plus there is a coupon!) I hope it becomes a permanent flavor. because I think it’s my favorite of the bunch!
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