Thursday, January 10, 2013

Godiva Chocolates - Godiva: Cherry Hill, NJ (Birthday Cake)

Godiva Chocolates - Godiva: Cherry Hill, NJ (Birthday Cake)
I’ll be mixing Godiva chocolate reviews into my normal foodie rotation for the next week or so. I hope you all enjoy it~!
Today we have a Birthday Cake truffle!

This birthday cake truffle is really adorable. The nonpareils on the outside of the truffle remind me of an actual birthday cupcake, so I would say that aesthetically, Godiva hit the nail on the head.
Inside, are two chambers of ganache. The filling is a light white chocolate confectionery with rainbow nonpareils mixed in, with the mix-ins the filling is very reminiscent of a confetti cake. (A birthday party staple.)

This truffle is VERY soft and VERY sweet. The whole candy melted in my mouth almost instantly. I didn’t get many “cake” notes, other than a basic vanilla flavoring. Even when I ate the filling on it’s own it was difficult for me to taste anything cake-like. I wish there had been more of a buttery yellow cake flavor to the inside, and maybe a little salt to counteract all this sweetness.
Surprisingly, this truffle was WAY too sweet for me (even though I typically love candies and sweets this was just too much.) I could see this being really popular with the general public, but I'd rather have a slice of actual birthday cake.
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