Monday, February 4, 2013

Arizona Strawberry Arnold Palmer - SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ

Arizona Strawberry Arnold Palmer - SunSeng Market : Pennsauken, NJ
Although this is an American product, I had a really hard time finding it in American shops. I finally saw a can of the strawberry Arnold Palmer at SunSeng market. 
The entire can is black (except for the bottom) and it’s covered in little metallic strawberries. I love that the can is black, and I love the little strawberries…but the overall design feels off. It doesn’t feel finished and it reminds me of a first year design assignment. A contributing factor is the “Half & Half” logo on the bottom. I think it looks out of place on all of their designs and really dated. The can does it’s job, but it doesn’t feel like a successful overall design.
When I poured the beverage, I was surprised by the color. I was expecting it to be artificially red, but it has a deep tea color to it.
It smells like strawberry nectar from Goya, very sweet and syrupy, with a hint of instant lemonade mix.
It tastes like Arizona’s typical Arnold Palmer drink, with a splash of strawberry Goya nectar. It’s very sweet, and artificial tasting, but not bad.
Although this drink isn’t especially amazing, I did enjoy it. With Arizona iced teas being 99 cents I could see myself buying this again, but I might also try and recreate it on my own. I feel like you could easily recreate this yourself using ice tea mix, lemonade mix, and a can of strawberry nectar.(Although you could make your own natural version with real tea, lemons, and strawberries that might be much better!)
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