Monday, February 4, 2013

Gobstopper Heartbreakers - Target : Cherry Hill, NJ

Gobstopper Heartbreakers
- Target : Cherry Hill, NJ
One of my favorite holiday candies. Just as cute as conversation hearts, but MUCH tastier. I love Gobstoppers, and this is my favorite version of them.
The design for the bag is pretty bright and obnoxious, which is typical for Wonka candies. The design easily catches the eyes of kids, but I think a lot of adults would pass on these. (Which is a shame!)
If you’ve never had a Gobstopper, it’s a candy that was created in the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. (It was also featured in both versions of the film.) In the book/film there is a candy, with the same name, that lasts forever. It won’t ever get any smaller or lose it’s flavor as you suck on it. The Gobstoppers that we actually have in our stores today are small jawbreakers with several candy coated layers. Each layer has it’s own distinct flavor and there is a sweet-tart-like center. 

Since these “heartbreakers” are holiday themed, they do not come in the typical gobstopper flavors. This bag contains:
  • Yellow - lemon->strawberry->center
  • Pink - strawberry->cherry->center
  • Red- cherry->lemon->center
  • Orange- orange->lemon->center
  • Purple- grape->strawberry->center
The flavors are sweet and mild, but some are stronger than others. I think the lemon is the strongest of the bunch and grape i the weakest, but they all blend nicely together.
I love this candy because is tastes great, looks adorable, and fits perfectly in your mouth. I have them in candy bowls all over my house because they look so festive and my friends all seem to love the taste. If your looking to replace conversation hearts in your Valentine’s Day goodie bags, I strongly recommend these.
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