Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Akira - Restaurant Week : Collingswood, NJ

Akira - Restaurant Week : Collingswood, NJ 
It’s restaurant week in Collingswood! If any of you are New Jersey locals, you must know about Collingswood and it’s restaurants. For restaurant week, participating locations make a special menu for the event (usually 3-4 courses) and list it at a reasonable price.
Today my boyfriend and I stopped at Akira for a late lunch. I have actually eaten here before, but the restaurant week menu had a few things I wanted to check out. 
I ordered:
  • Avocado Salad -Avocado on mixed green salad served with healthy ginger
  • Sexy Jalapeño - Tempura Jalapeño stuffed with Spicy Tuna, Seaweed Salad & cream cheese served with spicy mango sauce
  • Sushi Dinner - Tuna, Salmon, Fluke, Striped Bass,Yellowtail, Shrimp, White Tuna with a Spicy Tuna Roll
  • Gelato Hearts
Although I am not a huge fan of avocado, I really enjoyed this salad. It’s a basic green salad,  typical of most sushi or hibachi restaurants, topped with avocado, ginger dressing and mango sauce. The only thing I would have changed would be a little less mango sauce. It was incredibly sweet and really overpowered everything else. I would rather have a touch of mango and more ginger dressing.

My second course was the sexy jalapeno. It’s like sushi jalapeno poppers! As I ate, each pepper had more seeds than the last. (If you didn’t know, the heat is in the seeds and veins of the pepper.) After my third pepper I was dying for more water. I already went through the glass at the table and had to grab the water bottle from my purse to refill my glass! I am not sure if this was intentional, possibly part of the eating experience, or accidental. Either way these were yummy, just very spicy. (Make sure you have water nearby.)
After a few glasses of water, I moved on to the sushi dinner platter. It was a decent array of sushi and presented very nicely. The tuna was my favorite, but the entire platter was enjoyable. (Although I didn’t try every piece. I traded one piece of sushi to my boyfriend in exchange for another tuna roll.)

When it came to the desserts, I was really hoping to have their heart-shaped crème brûlée, but they ran out. I had the heat-shaped gelato instead. Most sushi shops and hibachis around here do not make their own desserts, so I wasn’t surprised when I got my little confection-coated heart of “gelato.” While the presentation was lovely, the actual “gelato” heart was lack luster. The outside is a thick, hard, waxy coating. Inside was a creamy ice cream, that I think was strawberry… the flavor was a bit difficult to place.
Overall the meal itself was pretty nice, but if I were able to do it again I would opt for a different dessert.
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