Monday, March 25, 2013

Palmer’s Giant Cake Batter Cup - Dollar General: Cinnaminson, NJ

Palmer’s Giant Cake Batter Cup - Dollar General: Cinnaminson, NJ
I knew this was going to be a risky treat. It could either be really yummy… or just as disgusting as those Cupcake Bites.
The packaging is a soft lavender color which is actually quite lovely, but the art is pretty bad. I am not a fan of those creepy children in the bottom corner, the design would have been much stronger without them. 
Inside the wrapper is a very large “chocolate” cup. (The package claims that this candy is 1/4 lb but I didn’t double check.) It smells artificial, like the cake frosting supermarkets use on their pre-made sheet cakes. The smell was really sugary and unappealing and I LOVE sugary sweets, so that has to tell you something. 
This thing is insanely sweet. If you value your teeth (or have diabetes) stay away from this thing. The “chocolate” was definitely not real. (I’ve seen several candy reviewers refer to items like this as “mocklate”.) The whole thing honestly tastes like vanilla icing wrapped in a sugary candy shell. It’s just too much!
Although this wasn’t as bad as the Cupcake Bites, It’s up there. If you like VERY sweet things you may enjoy this, but I can’t see myself finishing this thing. I have a giant peanut butter cup from the same company to review, I hope that one is a bit better.
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