Monday, March 25, 2013

Soft Pretzels and Buffalo Cheese Dip - Pinterest Recipe Review

Soft Pretzels and Buffalo Cheese Dip - Pinterest Recipe : The PIN
Time for another Pinterest recipe! I think I’ll try and do a Pinterest recipe every Sunday so I can slowly work my way through my recipe board.
I have been wanting some warm soft pretzels for a while, and pinned a bunch of recipes for them. I finally decided to make some last night and opted for this recipe which included some yummy buffalo cheese sauce for dipping.
The recipe was very simple and easy to follow. (Especially if you have a standing mixer with a dough hook.) At first glance the steps can be a little intimidating, since you boil the pretzels before baking them in the oven, but really it’s all very easy to do. (The boiling step is very important for the proper texture.)
The finished pretzels were soft and fluffy inside and chewy outside. They were perfect! The buffalo sauce was tangy and delicious as well, it tasted just like the buffalo chicken dip I made for the New Years party I went to.
The original poster made 8 pretzels with their recipe, but I made my pretzels a bit smaller and made 11. (They were still really big.) I am definitely going to make this recipe again! Next time I might make little pretzel nuggets instead. (Those are better for dipping.) 
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